Survey questions

Our survey has been expertly put together by My HR Hub, using questions your employees can understand. You can also choose to add additional questions from the 100+ in our library or add your own bespoke questions.


Your results will be displayed in a series of graphs and charts which you can access via your own password protected webpage. You will also have access to all the anonymous feedback and comments from your respondents.


The survey is laptop, mobile & tablet friendly, so your employees can complete it on any device they wish. We can also support workplaces with no internet access as our survey has an offline mode which will collect an employee’s response then upload them when their device is connected to the internet.

Showcase Page

If you perform well in some or all of the survey questions then you might want to promote this to your employees, as well potential new recruits you are trying to attract. We’ll create and host your free showcase page on our website.

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If you have questions about our pricing or about the product, hop on over to our FAQs page where we’ve done our very best to answer the most common queries, or if you prefer a human to talk to, give us a call on 0845 880 5848. If you’re all set then sign up today and we’ll be in touch to update you on the next step.