EasyWeb Group’s 2018 Employee Engagement Survey Results

It can be hard enough to find talented employees, but it can be even more challenging to keep hold of them. Employee engagement is a key component in not only retaining employees but also improving productivity and increasing profits.

Makes sense right? Happy employees are productive employees so it’s important to make sure you’re measuring your employees’ engagement levels.

At EasyWeb we understand the benefits of keeping our employees engaged and want to make sure we are doing just that. So, towards the end of 2018, we sent out our employee engagement survey to all employees so they could let us know their honest opinions about what it’s like having EasyWeb as an employer.

I really want EasyWeb to be a great place to work and the engagement survey suggests it is. 97% of employees think we’re a good employer and 92% are proud to work at EasyWeb Group.

Great news for everybody who contributes to the working environment!

Sean Maher – CEO

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our showcase page for yourself: www.easywebengagement.com/showcase/easywebgroup

You might also want to check out our Glassdoor page: www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-EasyWeb-Group-EI_IE794990.11,24.htm

Sending out an engagement survey is always a little nerve-wracking, but clearly we had nothing to worry about! There’s always room for improvement though and we’ll be working on getting those stats up to 100%.

Employee engagement surveys are often a pricy route to take but EasyWeb Engagement is our FREE employee engagement survey tool. If you’re interested in creating your own employee engagement survey, click here to register your interest or get in touch at: info@easywebengagement.com or 0845 880 5848

Welcome to EasyWeb Engagement’s new blog!

First of all; Hello and welcome.

We were delighted when we finally launched our EasyWeb Engagement tool (we even carried a placard around with us we were that happy! Photographic evidence onTwitter), but now we’re even more delighted to share with you our new blog.

So if you’re reading this, we’re guessing that you’re here because Employee Engagement has been on your mind the past few months. Maybe you’re attempting to implement an Employee Engagement strategy but second guessing every decision you make?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’re glad you’ve found our blog today.

Now we get to tell you all about why we’re here and what we plan on doing, which will hopefully help you too. We’re not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, especially when it comes to Employee Engagement seeing as it’s different for every company. But what we are here to do, is give you a few hints and tips for implementing a strategy and to provide you with the facts.

Here at EasyWeb, we’ve made Employee Engagement a huge part of our company, linking our strategy to our Company Values, to find out what we’re doing and not doing as an employer for our staff. When we were implementing this idea, we realised that actually, we had a lot of questions we didn’t quite have the answers to. So we asked our HR Consultancy PartnerMy HR Hub, who gave us the answers we needed to be successful at it.

After this we realised, you know what? There must be other companies out there thinking the exact same thing we are, so why don’t we help them too? In this blog you will find examples of why it’s important, tips on getting your employees involved and also how to implement changes following the feedback you receive.

We’re here to make the idea of introducing Employee Engagement into your company as easy as it can be.

For now, we bid you farewell and look forward to seeing you shortly!

Becky Cellupica
Marketing & Events Executive