Anonymity Assured

How we ensure employee anonymity

It’s vitally important that employees using our survey tool feel confident that their anonymity is assured. This is essential to ensure that the survey results are a fair and accurate representation of the current state of employee engagement within your organisation.

Here’s how we ensure that employees can’t be identified from their survey results:

  • No tracking codes in URLs

Everyone taking the survey will use the same link that has no tracking code appended to the URL, so we have no way of recording which employee is responsible for each survey.

  • We don’t share personal details

The survey is only interested in your opinion of the organisation you work for. Any questions that ask for identifiable data such as gender, age, length of time with employer etc. are not shared with employers and are there for reporting purposes only. These reports also aren’t shared if there are less than 6 responses in a category to protect individuals that work in smaller companies.

  • Limiting the filtering of data by department/location

We only offer the option to view results by department/location when at least 6 employees from that department/location have completed the survey. This protects individuals who work in small departments.

If you’ve been invited to complete a survey by your employer you can contact us directly with any questions you may have. Any enquiry you make to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.